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  1. Spatial Front recruits Aleksandar Zelenovic to be Chief Technology Officer
  2. Contract Award: $13M USDA FPAC Conservation Mission Delivery Automation and Tools - Prometheus
  3. Contract Award: DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Database and Engineering Support
  4. 8(a) STARS III Prime beats 13 to win $62M NOAA IT Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support
  5. Contract Award: $45M HUD OCIO POG 7 Community Planning and Development
  6. Contract Award: GSA PBS OIT FME O&M, Ecodumus O&M and API Support Services
  7. Woman-Owned SB beats 12 to win NSF Information Systems Division ITBAS BPA
  8. 4 dozen New SB Alliances formed for leading IT, Cyber and Transformation firms across FedCiv (CMS, VA, DHS, Treasury) and DOD
  9. Contract Award: $29M HUD PIH IT Development, Modernization and Enhancement (DME)
  10. Meet the GovCon leaders recognized as the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S.
  11. Contract Award: $98M US AID Software Development, O&M and Associated Professional Services
  12. Contract Award: 4.5M FMCSA Dedicated IT Services and Design Enhancements
  13. Contract Award: $6M Census CSD IT Security and Desktop Support
  14. Contract Award: $43M GSA OCIO Applications Operations
  15. Contract Award: $7M FMCSA IT Safety SWAT O&M
  16. Contract Award: $13M USDA FPAC Conservation Mission Delivery Automation and Tools
  17. SFI wins USDA FAS App Dev Support Contract
  18. Contract Award: $29M Foreign Agricultural Service Application Development Support Services
  19. Contract Award: $7M FMCSA Development and O&M Support
  20. Contract Award: $35M NHTSA ARTEMIS - Investigations, Recalls, O&M, and Closeout (IROC)