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  1. Contract Award Update: $99M DOL OASP Chief Evaluation Office support BPA
  2. Contract Award: $800M USAID Central America Regional Support Services (CARSS) IDIQ
  3. Contract Award: $17M NIH NHLBI Catalyze Coordinating Center BPA
  4. Contract Award: $20M CDC Design, Survey Recruitment and Data Collection BPA
  5. Contract Award: $18M CMS Section 1115 Federal Meta Analysis support
  6. Contract Award: $27.6M CMS Part C, Part D, and HHS Federally-certified Risk Adjustment Model Research, Development and Maintenance
  7. Contract Award: $10M FDA Domestic and International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Support Services BPA
  8. Contract Award: $50M NIH NHLBI Communications, Engagement and Edudcational Support Services BPA II
  9. Contract Award: $279M CDC NHANES Data Collection IDIC
  10. Contract Award: $27M CMS Alternative Payment System for Medicare fee for Services (FFS) Beneficiaries Testing Implementation and Monitoring
  11. Contract Award: $42M NIH NHLBI Catalyze Program - Preclinical Services Component BPA
  12. Contract Award: $400M USAID Water and Development II IDIQ
  13. Contract Award: $100M CDC Administration Management and General Management
  14. Contract Award: $269M CDC NHANES Data Collection
  15. Contract Award: $15M SAMHSA DWP National Laboratory Certification Program (NLCP)
  16. Contract Award: SAMHSA IDIQ
  17. PR: EPA Awards 11 Spots on $5.7B Contract for Air Pollution, Radiation Control Services
  18. Contract Award: $48M NASA ESIP Support Services BPA
  19. Tetra Tech, Battelle, Abt, RTI, SciMetrika and ERG win $25M Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ATSDR Technical Assistance BPA
  20. RTI International will evaluate Medicare opioid use disorder (OUD) treatment model that is being piloted by CMS
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