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  1. Contract Award: $29M USPTO Patent Business Content Management Services (PBCMS)
  2. DOT FAA awards $2.4B Information Technology Innovative Procurement for Strategic Sourcing (ITIPSS) Multiple award IDIQ
  3. Contract Award: USPTO MECM System Administrators and Support
  4. Contract Award: DOT FMCSA National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB) IT Support Services
  5. Contract Award: $27M USPTO Data Exchange and Trilateral Document Access (TDA) IT Services
  6. Halvik scores again, adds $44M USPTO Enterprise Operation Services award
  7. Contract Award: USPTO CPIC IT Planning and Program Management
  8. Contract Award: $22M USPTO Patent Business Management Information Product Line IT services support
  9. Contract Award: $28M Commerce Dept USPTO Patent Center IT DME and O&M support
  10. New SB Alliances formed for leading IT, Cyber and Transformation firms across FedCiv (CMS, VA, DHS, Treasury) and DOD
  11. Contract Award: Immediate Office of the Secretary of Transportation Transerve Parking and Management Systems (PTBS) IT Support Services 
  12. Contract Award: $9M DOT Secure Data Commons (SDC) IV support
  13. Contract Award: Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Customer Support Services
  14. Take 2 for $1.5B Commerce Acquisition for Transformational Technology Services (CATTS) IDIQ Award
  15. Contract Award: $4M USPTO Enterprise Infrastructure Produc Line (EIPL) Security Operations Support
  16. Contract Award: $4M DOT PHMSA Project Management and O&M Support
  17. Contract Award: $4M Army Military Strength Analysis and Forecasting Division Support
  18. Contract Award: $8M DOT OST Application Support
  19. Contract Award: DOT Consumer Complaint Application (CCA) System
  20. Contract Award: $77M DOC IT Services